MARYLAND Maryland Board of Dietetic Practice
4201 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

(410) 764-4733

RENEWAL DEADLINE October 31, 2023

Renewal Instructions:

Fee Schedule


License Fee

MHCC fee

Dietetic Practice



Please note that pursuant to Senate Bill 786, each Health Occupation Board is required to collect a user fee for the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC). The fee funds the cost of services and information the MHCC provides to consumers and healthcare practitioners. The user fee is $26.00. Please be aware that the Board collects and submits these fees to the MHCC. The Board does not retain these funds. For more information on the MHCC, please visit their web site at

Payment may be made online using Visa or MasterCard, or by mailing a check to the board made payable to Maryland Board of Dietetic Practice

Read the renewal application and complete the following:

Part 1 - General application information
Complete all sections of the application where applicable. Some of the information has been filled in based on the information in the Board’s records. Please update any information that has changed. Select "Submit as Complete" to submit your answers, or select "Save-Not Complete" to save your answers and come back later to finish. You may also press "Cancel" to return to the menu without saving any changes you made.

After each section is completed and accepted, the status arrow on the menu for that part will turn green .

Part 2 - Disciplinary questions.
Complete all disciplinary questions. Provide a detailed explanation for each question checked “YES” . Some explanations may require legal documentation that must be submitted to the Board. Your license will not be issued until such information is received and reviewed by the Board.

Electronic Worksheet Instructions (For Part 3)
Add information into the electronic workbook by completing the form and selecting the "(+) Add" button. As information is added you will see the list below the add form. If you make an error, simply delete the row and reenter. Select the "Submit and Return To Menu" button to return to the menu. If you added the required minimum (or checked "NO" above the form indicating you have no information to add) the red arrow will change to a green arrow next to the part you completed..

Part 3 - Continuing Education Requirements

Please list all CE classes on the electronic form. You are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education.
Classes must be taken from November 1, 2016 to October 31, 2023. When entering your hours you will be required to select a category.

Limits for continuing education credits for each category:

Category 1
Academic Course Work - Graduate level academic course work - No limit
Undergraduate course work - No more than 15 CEUS

Category 2 - Seminars, Lectures, Journal Clubs No limit
Category 3 - Skills Development No more than 6 CEUS
Category 4 -Professional Reading, Independent Learning, Study Groups No more than 20 CEUS
Category 5 - Publications, Research, Professional Presentations, Case Presentations No more than 15 CEUS
Category 6 - Exhibits, Posters No more than 12 CEUS
Category 7 - Initial Advanced Certifications No limit
Category 8 - Professional Leadership No more than 6 CEUS

A random audit will be conducted after the renewal period. Licensees that are selected by the computer for audit will be notified in January 2024 and will be required to submit copies of supporting documentation.

Failure to verify CE hours requested by the Board by the specified date will delay renewing your license.

Affirmation of Application
After all 3 parts of the renewal application have been completed the Submit Application and Pay Fee option will be activated. Select this to affirm your application and select a payment method. You may pay your renewal fee online using Visa or MasterCard credit card or by mailing a check payable to the Maryland Board of Dietetic Practice and a copy of your online receipt to the Board.